"Our most ancient metaphor says life is a journey. Memoir is travel writing, then, notes taken along the way, telling how things looked and what thoughts occurred. . . .This is the traveler who goes on foot, living the journey, taking on mountains, enduring deserts, marveling at the lush green places...as a pilgrim, seeking, wondering." -Patricia Hampl

December 29, 2006

Buenos Aires Bound

On a train from Seattle to Vancouver, B.C., Heath and I made our "Top Ten Places to Travel" lists: among our top three, both of us had listed Argentina. Friends Kate and Matt, who'd recently told us of their round-the-world trip together, relayed the beauty and mystique of this "South American Paris," and it took little convincing to book a ticket. Both Heath and I have cousins who live in the capital, and we are hoping very much to connect with them. This trip marks our first trip abroad (aside from B.C., which was too close to the States to count), and estamos practicando el espanol to ease the culture shock. Stay tuned for those February blogs!

2006: A Year to Remember

Chanukah, 2006 Our first Chanukah on Vassar Street wraps up a year of beautiful memories: from our first house purchase to our wedding, we know that we are blessed with friends and family who helped us celebrate everything! We are wishing you a happy, healthy 2007!

December 03, 2006

"Midsummer" Opens to Rave Reviews

After months of rehearsals and preparations, studying and memorization, our cast of 45 performed Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream" to an audience who, in return, gave the cast a standing ovation! Lysander pleads Kudos to a sensational cast who worked hard and performed a most difficult show with passion, humor, and talent! Bottom, Titania You can check out more photos of our show at this site, and read a little more about the show here.

October 15, 2006

Moxxie Turns 34, World Keeps Spinning

34! This year's birthday weekend was all about getting out and about: I finally convinced Heath to wake up and join me on a stroll through our Public Market, applesatmarketthrough bushels and baskets overflowing with apples and pumpkins, jars of homemade maple syrups and jams, bundles of flowers, wheels of fresh cheeses, pumpkinsatmarketwine vendors and grape purveyors, delicious treats and all the odds and ends (more odds) that make our market so wonderful. Especially fun was a enjoying a luxurious moment to sit and people-watch from Java's, sipping coffee and shooting the breeze; and in the spirit of the moment, Heath fell in love with a local artist's rendition of a neighborhood, not far from our own: and so purchased it!
From there, it was on to the new local eatery Bodhi's Cafe, as our friend Andy was celebrating its opening after much hard work putting it together: Andy's delicious seared tuna and tasty paninis were outstanding--but we couldn't stay long, for the afternoon was sunny, warm, and had more in store. Off to Canandaigua's Culinary Institute wine tasting at culinary institute for some more local flavor-savoring and a delightful walk along the lake, the trees turning their autumn hues that coincide with my birthday. afternoon in canandaigua detail

With Sunday came our Sukkah-hopping, jack and stuart in the sukkahmore birthday cakes, mitch and monica share a birthdayand good wishes all around!

October 06, 2006

Little Logan Turns One

Aaron, Logan, Auntie Mo It's been a big year: new job, new house, new husband, new niece: with the end of summer and the beginning of the Jewish new year brought Logan's first birthday. I suppose any parent already knows how fascinating it is to watch an infant develop into a person, but to this new auntie the transitions and their fluid rapidness was just awesome to watch. Staci had asked me to bake Logan a Clifford the Big Red Dog cake, and I wasn't sure I could deliver. For one, I'd never baked a birthday cake for anyone. Then there was the issue of having absolutely no artistic talent. But somehow, with a little patience (and some wine), I managed this:

Mo's first masterpiece Not too shabby--and Logan must have thought the same. It didn't take long to get knee deep.

Frosting feels wonderful, everywhere.Soon, it was time to clean up and open presents, Naked babies are delicious too....but Logan has set the bar very high when it comes to the art of eating cake. Here's to many more!

September 16, 2006

Holiday Weekend in Ohio

An inventive idea: rather than driving yourself crazy during the last free weekend of summer, prep ahead, put school out of your mind, and go away for the weekend. Luckily, Gary and Meg's wedding in Ohio gave us good reason to do just that.

We stayed in Cleveland for the night with cousins Sheri and David, and then were off to the Buxton Inn to quickly get ready for the evening's nuptial festivities, located at the Flint Ridge Winery, where Meg's parents happen to be the proud proprieters. Thus, an evening of soaking in the view, the grapes, spirits, music, and friends.

In the wee hours of the morning, with the band packing up, the cigars distributed, and the tuxedo jackets making their reappearance, Carl took us into the tasting room of the vineyard, where he poetically and convincingly waxed his philosophies on winemaking, wine-selling, and life. We sipped, sipped, laughed, and sipped until we realized that the last shuttle would be leaving for our haunted homestead: and it was time to go.

We didn't see any ghosts: unfortunately, they're in rooms 7 & 9: and we lodged in room 8. Ah, well. A fun way to kick off the school year!

September 02, 2006

Summer Days, Summer Nights are Gone

I almost got arrested snapping this shot of my beloved Bobby, currently touring minor-league ballparks across America: so enjoy it. Dylan's latest album, Modern Times, is as gritty and beautiful as we've come to expect from the freewheelin' bard: a little like he's kicking up dust in your face while serenading you from behind his keyboard. Five rows back from the stage, it seemed to us that Bob was enjoying himself. And I'd like to say I saw him wink our way from underneath that cowboy hat of his.

Romancing the Pacific Northwest

the space needle from below Look left: there's the Pacific. Behind you: snow-capped Mount Rainier. Straight ahead, a delicious array of delicacies await you at Pike Place Market. And to your right: downtown & it's night life beckons. raven totem detail Native American stories of trickster raven and clever whale unravel while you read the totem poles.savories at the flying fishIncredible menus boast flavors we've never imagined; the fish is so fresh it talks back.unbelievable sushi dinner (note funky saki glass in back) From seaside city to seaside city, flanked by the Olympic mountains and chic, hip, forward-thinking metropolises, from Washington wineries to Granville Island brewery, wine tour: chateau ste michellefrom the heights of the Space Needle to the treetops at the Capilano Suspension Bridge gargantuan trees make us feel so small to the peak (we diligently climbed) of Mount Constitution on Orcas Island, from whales to seals to bald eagles and exotic Japanese deer, the honeymoon was...wonderful. delicious, jaw-dropping, breathtaking. Pictures available on flickr (click any of the pics above). Oh: and we made a rock video to boot. As if marrying him weren't enough, backing his killer drumming with hot guitar licks made yet another dream come true (and we have the footage to prove it).cherubs: detail

August 22, 2006

dipping, deeply

dipping, deeply
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New photos keep emerging! Thanks for the candid digitals, guys! We'll keep uploading as we get them. xoxo.

August 20, 2006

All You Need Is Love

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A bride, a groom, proud parents, family, friends, food, music: in our wildest dreams about our wedding day, Heath and I couldn't have hoped for a more perfect day. From an emotional bedecken and a touching ceremony to a 45-minute hora and a delicious wedding feast (followed by much dancing and sweet treats), we were embraced and celebrated by those we love most.

Some of our favorite moments are pictured here, thanks to friends who've been very kind in sending them immediately (so that we'd have them as soon as we returned from the honeymoon)! We'd also like to thank those of you who came from all over the place to celebrate with us--Boston, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, San Diego, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Houston, Boulder--we are so lucky to have you in our lives.

We hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we do. L'chaim!

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August 19, 2006

beautiful wedding flowers!

beautiful wedding flowers!
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I promise: pictures forthcoming! We are unpacking from the honeymoon, revamping the kitchen, trying to get organized. Stay tuned!

August 08, 2006

A Bachelorette Party Fit for a Goddess

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The merits of belly dancing are many, and we learned of all of them when a bunch of my favorite ladies trotted off to the Goddess Hour for a little lesson--followed by a phenomenal belly-filling, at the divine Thali of India. We won't mention here the unmentionables of a bachelorette, but I can tell you that I returned home with some fun gifts for the honeymoon. . .and a jingly hip scarf.

July 23, 2006

A Movie Star Uses our Shower, We Feel Special

One of the perks of being a part of the Rochester Jewish Film Festival --aside from making sure that patrons get the correct half of their ticket stubs back to receive free ice cream at Friendly's--is being granted the priviledge to rub elbows with the occassional artiste. This year, when the board was asked who wanted to pick up one of the actors (who was to introduce his own film and open the festival), I involuntarily and excitedly raised my hand.

I've never collected an important person before: and I've certainly never had one in my care. As Heath and I drove to the airport to pick up Sirak Sabahat, an Ethiopean-born Israeli currently living between Paris and New York--it occurred to me that perhaps he wouldn't speak English (who needs English in New York?), and perhaps I don't speak Amharic, Eritrean, French, or Hebrew. But language was no barrier: upon seeing our very mod actor walk through the glass doors of Rochester's "International" Airport, I was relieved that he felt comfortable enough to exchange a friendly hello and a warm hug. Thank goodness: not a diva.

We offered to take Sirak out for lunch and then to the theater to prepare for his film, "Live and Become" (Va, Vie, et Souviens); but he explained that he doesn't eat much, nevermind the toll Western foods take on him, and only after 8 p.m. We offered him a nice shower and a place to rest at the lovely home of our festival director. To this, Sirak asked why he would want to use the home of a stranger when he would be far more comfortable using ours--and so, quietly hoping the other had wiped up the bathroom and changed the towels, Heath and I brought Sirak Sabahat, the "Israeli Brad Pitt," back to our home.

While Sirak showered and changed, we waited, in silence, at the kitchen table. Were this Israel, we'd have to ward off fans and paparazzi, or so it was explained to me later. But anonymity in America can be a blessing. Sirak, freshly dressed in white linen, was ready to explore Rochester, with only his new companions to share him. We brought him to the landmark George Eastman House--former mansion of the inventor of the moving picture--but Sirak was less interested in a museum than in taking a walk, with us, around the block. In the span of less than a mile, Heath and I learned why such a prominent figure in world cinema was so humble: this movie star was once a hunter, he said. He could feed and protect his family with his hands by the time he was eight years old. It took Sirak's family over a year to WALK from his home to the city where they would be airlifted, with hundreds of other Ethiopean Jews, to their homeland. Assimilating to Israeli life was shocking (as "Live and Become" touches upon), but more for his parents, who still do not understand what Sirak does--nor why he is known so famously in Israel.

When we arrived at the Little Theater, Sirak was asked three times to grant interviews--he wasn't thrilled to do it. A glimpse of paparazzi, in the form of our local news channels, made him slightly uncomfortable. But in front of our sold-out crowd, he softened, and his smile warmed the audience, as it had Heath and I. We had trouble letting him off at the airport that night. What a lot we'd learned that day--including why one should always wipe up the bathroom and change the towels.

July 16, 2006


Let me explain why this deserves a post: if you live in the greater Boston area, have managed to survive the perils of the Big Dig, and get out once in a while, not a month goes by without local punk-mambo band Babaloo!'s name coming up. Sure, it might be scrawled on the bathroom door of the B-Side Lounge, but that's honorable. Suffice it to say that my dear friend Allison and I passed many a Saturday night shaking and salsaing ourselves to the Afro-Cuban rhythms of Babaloo!, which became such a fun staple of our nightlives in Boston that we made it a point to seldom miss their appearance on a local stage.

So it came as a welcome shock that my beloved Babaloo! played gratis, downtown, this month, at a mini-fest called Pole-A-Palooza; typical food, vendors, music, and of course, the odd couple of people there you never expect would show up: for instance, Micah, who we'd just camped with at Keuka Lake (see previous post).

Before they began, and while they watched another band perform, I thought I'd take a moment to greet the band members to my hometown, exclaim my elation at their being in town; and to this, the lead singer commented: Hey--aren't you that girl we used to see at Johnny D's? Where you been, chica? I hugged him.

Heath was weary that the show would be anything worthwhile when the band went on late, but he and Micah (who'd thought he was leaving much earlier) danced for the entire set. With a few more Babaloo! converts in these parts, perhaps we'll have them back here more often.

July 02, 2006

Camping on Keuka Lake

Heath make fire!  White smoke bad!

Rain storms? Bah. We set out for Keuka Lake to meet up with some of Heath's old high school buds and their gals for a night under the stars despite the ominous dark cloud following the Ford Escape; but somewhere around Country Road 29, the cloud vanished, we remembered that we'd forgotten a flashlight, and we made it to the campsite. Despite Heath's history of resisting a foray into camping, he totally wowed me with his mad tent-pitching/rain fly skills: we were set up and ready to relax.

Friends Matt and Kate, recently married in South Africa, brought along all the necessary camping accoutrements--including Micah, Micah's E-Z tent under which to eat, and Matt's family boat, upon which we spent the late afternoon. Matt impressed all with his waterskiing moves, and Micah--well, some good attempts at getting up, but his blue mohawk was more entertaining.

A well-grilled dinner and some catch-up bedtime stories later, the July Fourth practice-fireworks and the moon overhead, it was a beautiful night. What rain clouds?

We took an early-morning stroll down to the lake and joined our friends for breakfast and Matt and Kate's travel pics from their Trip-Around-The-World: inspiring us to consider a sojourn to Argentina next year. Before long, it was time to pack up and part. We passed some local wineries on our way home, savoring the sweet air and the view of the lake. Three cheers for the great outdoors.

Passing the Keuka Vineyards

June 27, 2006

Bridal 'Burgh Babes Throw a Bash

Allison and Tina threw what was to be my last of four--count 'em, FOUR--bridal showers at Tina's lovely new home in Dormont. Fun decor, delicious Greek fare (including Toni's famous keftedes, dolmades with avegolemeno, and spanakopita, not to mention TT's baklava cake), a (temporary) tattoo artist, trivia games, and of course, what shower in the 'Burgh would be complete without everyone dancing in the living room?


36 days and counting. . .