"Our most ancient metaphor says life is a journey. Memoir is travel writing, then, notes taken along the way, telling how things looked and what thoughts occurred. . . .This is the traveler who goes on foot, living the journey, taking on mountains, enduring deserts, marveling at the lush green places...as a pilgrim, seeking, wondering." -Patricia Hampl

May 19, 2006

Torn Between Two Webpages

Too bad these kids didn't have an HTML-savvy teacher! Yes, after approximately seven years of "I lost my sheet," and "I can't find that," Ms. Hiller's gotten wise and made herself a little ol' webpage. Patience, blog readers! With summer's approach, my loyalties return to Writing the Open Road. (Would you like to take a time capsule back to your high school English class? Click the link above to recall fond sentences such as "identify significant moments in the book. . ." and other academic verbiage.)

May 14, 2006

You Don't Call, You Don't Write. . .

Apologies to faithful blog readers (all two of you). . . here's a brief explanation of what's been going on in the past two months I've been not-blogging. Forgive the brevity, but I promise to follow up with a juicy little ditty on what happens in Rochester between 11 pm and 7 am.

1. We moved. House pics to follow. Suffice it to say that our new digs ROCK. We love it here and are staying put.

2. In the middle of moving, we went to San Diego. That was for one weekend in April, and a welcome (warm) break from the the chilly east. The above pic was snapped at the Fish Market, where our friend Danielle pre-ordered a delectable, romantic, "happy engagement" meal for us, from champagne to appetizer to entree to delectable dessert. What a treat. What a friend! We also got to catch up with my Aunt Dee and Uncle Harvey, who also treated us to a delicious, homemade dinner and accompanied us to the San Diego Zoo. Now, Heath would like to adopt a chimp for a pet.

3. Packing, moving, job, wedding planning, unpacking, locating items necessary for life. Simultaneously, a little dizzying.

All in all, the kids are alright: again, stay tuned for more...soon. Promise.