"Our most ancient metaphor says life is a journey. Memoir is travel writing, then, notes taken along the way, telling how things looked and what thoughts occurred. . . .This is the traveler who goes on foot, living the journey, taking on mountains, enduring deserts, marveling at the lush green places...as a pilgrim, seeking, wondering." -Patricia Hampl

September 16, 2006

Holiday Weekend in Ohio

An inventive idea: rather than driving yourself crazy during the last free weekend of summer, prep ahead, put school out of your mind, and go away for the weekend. Luckily, Gary and Meg's wedding in Ohio gave us good reason to do just that.

We stayed in Cleveland for the night with cousins Sheri and David, and then were off to the Buxton Inn to quickly get ready for the evening's nuptial festivities, located at the Flint Ridge Winery, where Meg's parents happen to be the proud proprieters. Thus, an evening of soaking in the view, the grapes, spirits, music, and friends.

In the wee hours of the morning, with the band packing up, the cigars distributed, and the tuxedo jackets making their reappearance, Carl took us into the tasting room of the vineyard, where he poetically and convincingly waxed his philosophies on winemaking, wine-selling, and life. We sipped, sipped, laughed, and sipped until we realized that the last shuttle would be leaving for our haunted homestead: and it was time to go.

We didn't see any ghosts: unfortunately, they're in rooms 7 & 9: and we lodged in room 8. Ah, well. A fun way to kick off the school year!

September 02, 2006

Summer Days, Summer Nights are Gone

I almost got arrested snapping this shot of my beloved Bobby, currently touring minor-league ballparks across America: so enjoy it. Dylan's latest album, Modern Times, is as gritty and beautiful as we've come to expect from the freewheelin' bard: a little like he's kicking up dust in your face while serenading you from behind his keyboard. Five rows back from the stage, it seemed to us that Bob was enjoying himself. And I'd like to say I saw him wink our way from underneath that cowboy hat of his.

Romancing the Pacific Northwest

the space needle from below Look left: there's the Pacific. Behind you: snow-capped Mount Rainier. Straight ahead, a delicious array of delicacies await you at Pike Place Market. And to your right: downtown & it's night life beckons. raven totem detail Native American stories of trickster raven and clever whale unravel while you read the totem poles.savories at the flying fishIncredible menus boast flavors we've never imagined; the fish is so fresh it talks back.unbelievable sushi dinner (note funky saki glass in back) From seaside city to seaside city, flanked by the Olympic mountains and chic, hip, forward-thinking metropolises, from Washington wineries to Granville Island brewery, wine tour: chateau ste michellefrom the heights of the Space Needle to the treetops at the Capilano Suspension Bridge gargantuan trees make us feel so small to the peak (we diligently climbed) of Mount Constitution on Orcas Island, from whales to seals to bald eagles and exotic Japanese deer, the honeymoon was...wonderful. delicious, jaw-dropping, breathtaking. Pictures available on flickr (click any of the pics above). Oh: and we made a rock video to boot. As if marrying him weren't enough, backing his killer drumming with hot guitar licks made yet another dream come true (and we have the footage to prove it).cherubs: detail