"Our most ancient metaphor says life is a journey. Memoir is travel writing, then, notes taken along the way, telling how things looked and what thoughts occurred. . . .This is the traveler who goes on foot, living the journey, taking on mountains, enduring deserts, marveling at the lush green places...as a pilgrim, seeking, wondering." -Patricia Hampl

July 30, 2008

The News We've All Been Waiting For


It's official: We're going to be parents!

As of August 1, I will be in my 15th week of pregnancy. So far, I feel great, Heath is ecstatic, and all seems to be going smoothly. Apart from some first-trimester nausea and exhaustion, this has been (so far), luckily, a relatively easy pregnancy. We know what your questions are, and yes, we will be finding out the sex of this child--but may not tell! And no, we are not readying a nursery or picking out bedding and strollers: there's lots of time for that, and frankly, we're walking the thin line between cautious and superstitious. We're due on January 20th, and I plan on working for as long as I possibly can.

This is an amazing, heartening, and sometimes scary journey. One of the more fun perks of it includes the bustiness of the business, and while it's really fun to try on old tank tops and pretend I'm on Baywatch, I'm either going to have to find a lot of short-sleeve turtlenecks or a barrel to wear to school come September. It's also been really cool to watch a part of my stomach expand that I didn't know could: and since I swim every day in the summer, Heath isn't the only other spectator. (I'm sure the lifeguards at the JCC pool are wondering why such a dedicated swimmer is actually growing in girth, rather than the opposite, usual outcome.)

I'm sorry to report that I've had no cravings, apart from nectarines, peaches, and bananas, much to my ice-cream-loving husband's dismay. So every once in a while, we walk to Abbott's just to make sure Heath's pseudo-sympathy cravings are fulfilled. It's usually on these walks that we remind ourselves just how much our lives are about to change. And we can't wait!